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914 Rear Trunk Pivot

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 JWest Engineering

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The JWest pivot kit fixes two problems with the original rear trunk hinges. First, the pivot bolts seize.  The JWest pivot uses a spherical bearing that can take much greater load, won't bind, and will not rust and stick.  Second, the original design tears apart and leaves the metal arond the hings a rusty, bent mess.  The JWest plates sandwich the sheet metal where the hinge mounts to reinforce and prevent future damage. 

Bolt-in replacement does not require welding to install.  Back-up plate reinforces the mounting area.

The original pivot mount must be drilled or ground away and 4 new holes drilled for installation.

Strong, smooth pivot will not gall or bind like original often does.

Can be used with original torsion bars or aftermarket gas supports.

One kit does both sides of the car, however, they can be installed individually.


All 914 '70-'76