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Steering Eccentric Adapter Maximize

Steering Eccentric Adapter

Used with MOMO style steering wheels. Moves the steering wheel up for gauge view and leg clearance. 

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Offsets the steering wheel 12mm upward and 16mm rearward.  A similar offset is used on most Porsche factory wheels after the mid 1970s.

Few modern cars actually have centered steering wheels - most are offset somewhat and you may not have even realized it.

Requires sheet metal horn retainer ring NOT INCLUDED. Most people will have this already. This ring was cast into the hub on very old hub adapters but will be needed to retain the horn button with the eccentric adapter. Ebay is a good source to find one if needed for about $5-$10.

Includes mounting screws.

Black textured finish or plain aluminum.



Any Momo steering wheel with a flat back

(Wheels with a rear facing cup such as the "Porsche Design" are not compatible.  This is not common).

Any other wheel with the Momo pattern of 6 bolts on a 70mm diameter with one of the bolts straight up.