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About us

JWest Engineering was formed in 2003 to produce and distribute our flagship product, the RennShift shifter.  The RennShift was originally designed for the side-shift Porsche 914, for which no high-end shifter was available.  The first shifter sold was actually the 911 configuration, however, installed in a '79 911 SC.

James, the owner/operator of JWest Engineering, began working on cars at age 13.  His first car was a VW beetle that he built from the ground-up.  A family friend gave him a 901 4-speed transmission, which he adapted to the bug.  Soon he found a 5-speed core and upgraded, along with creating a custom spring-gated shifter.  That was the genesis for what would become the RennShift 20 years later.

James went on to build and modify all types of custom and performance vehicles, running a shop working on everything from early Ford hotrods, Jaguar V8 conversions, Corvette restorations, to Muscle Car engine builds, and cars as varied as T-Bird to Lotus. He has performed work from bare-metal repaints to custom EFI systems.

With an Aerospace Engineering degree put into practice on major aircraft projects and loads of hands-on experience, James produces top-quality components that perform.

All JWest Engineering parts are manufactured and assembled in the US.