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RennShift 930 Shifter Maximize

RennShift 930 Shifter

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  • Stock
  • 2 inch longer
  • Aluminum
  • Black
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Adjustable Throw, Adjustable Spring bias, Bronze Bushings and much more!

Includes new shift rod cup, shift rod bushing hanger, and shift rod bushing.

Complete shifter makes installation simple.

Spring bias puts the shifter in the 3-4 plane.  Pulling over to the 1-2 plane is natural (same as nearly all 5-speeds) and is the common design for 4-speed shifters.  Other's designs recycle the 5-speed shifter and leave the spring bias to center on the 1-2 plane - very unnatural to drive!  

Reverse spring is internal to the transmission.

Works with factory shift knob (except factory '87 and '88 bolt-on shift knob) or our optional shift knobs.

Includes small RS boot.  Can be used with original factory 915/930 boot for full coverage of the base and housing.

Note: shift knobs and the factory boot shown in pictures are optional extras.

'75-'88 911 Turbo with 4-speed transmission